Grain based - no added additives



Highly absorbent

Odour control

Dust free

Environmentally Friendly Cat Litter

EcoGrain Cat Litter is made from the natural
co-product of cereal production.


The husk is the jacket around the grain that protects it from the outside world.


This husk jacket is unzipped, and the grain emerges to go on to make your favourite breakfast cereals.


We take these amazing little jackets that are left behind and make them into the quality cat litter that you will find inside the bag.

Your cat loves EcoGrain Cat Litter and so will you. See the benefits:

  • 100% natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Odour control
  • Dust free
  • Environmentally friendly


Using a clean cat litter tray, fill the tray with EcoGrain Cat Litter to a depth of 4-5cm. The pellets absorb then break up and help contain odours. Using a litter scoop regularly remove the broken up pellets and solid waste.

Every 2-3 weeks remove the litter, empty the tray and wash. This cat litter can be disposed of into a bin or compost bin.

When removing soiled cat litter always wear gloves. Pregnant women should avoid interaction with solid cat litter. As should nursing mothers, babies and infants.

​With new cat litter it can take a cat time to adjust. It is important to give your cat time to adjust to this change. To help this for 1-2 weeks mix this litter with existing cat litter. Slowly remove previous cat litter and replace with EcoGrain Cat Litter when cleaning the tray.

Please ensure the product is stored in a cool dry place. Keep bag away from children, infants and pets. Do not eat or inhale the product.

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